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Azul is a meeting field, an inviting harbour that hosts and receives foreign ships, looks to the sea, open its eyes to the horizon. In the journey we encounter Theatre, Dance, Poetry, Singing, the steps of Hearing. In this embracing Azul is fulfilled. Constantly work with Azul Teatro Fabrizio Leverone (Assistent Director), Marcello D’Agostino (Light design), Francesca Gatti (Logistics), Carla Pampaluna (Video). In if you are interested in our poetic let us know, we could start a collaboration toghether.

Serena Gatti
(Pisa 5-7-1977), PHD Bologna University with the thesis “For a compared research on the performer’s voice-movement relationship”. Degree in Literature Pisa University with a thesis on J. Genet’s Les Paravents.
Performer and director, she trains in theatre and dance with masters as R. Mirecka, G. P. Ang, D. Manfredini, E. Moscato, C. Morganti, F. della Monica, Living theatre; S. Bucci, C. Zerbey, A. Certini, K.J. Holmes, R. Giordano, K. Duck, O. D’Agostino, P. Mereu. She works and worked with Pontedera Teatro, Alfonso Santagata. La Città del Teatro, Egum Teatro, Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo, Sonia Brunelli, Gey Pin Ang, Jerry Pilgrim, Company Blu, Az Theatre, Teatro d’Inverno, Tenuta dello Scompiglio, Telluris Associati, Andrea Dosio, Fiabesque Festival.

In 2005 she founds the Company Azul Teatro and begins to create as author-performer: the monologue “Maldoriente”(Pisa Cultural Department production); the physical theatre solo “In Bilico”, from Jean Genet’s Le Funambule; the site-specific performance “Viajar de Luz” from Virginia Woolf’s The Waves (Toscana delle Culture production); the physical theatre solo “Volver” inspired by Eurydice (Tenuta dello Scompiglio production), the physical theatre solo “Sta” selectioned by Sosta Palmizi for “Sosta prolungata 2010”. For childrens she creates “Fantastica”, a tribute to Gianni Rodari, in collaboration with F. Cassanelli e L. Pardi (Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo production) and “Rosa Marina”, on a traditional italian tale. She is artist in recidence at Goldsmith (Londra), Guinnes Theatre, (Singapore), Città del Teatro (Pisa), Grattacielo (Livorno), Festival Amiata (Grosseto), Teatro dei due Mondi (Faenza), Tenuta dello Scompiglio (Lucca), Salerno Creativa G.A.I. (Salerno). She wins the bursary Movin’Up Gai for the performance “By the Way” directed by Ang Gey Pin (Singapore’s Theatre Festival and Magdalena Project 2006). She leads workshops for companies, theatres, cultural centres. In 2008 she has been invited from Sao Paulo Cultural Department (Brasil) to lead a workshop for Teatro Vocacional’s teachers.